With romance in the air we thought it would be fun to ask the team to tell us a bit about their car love life. Everyone has a dream car they hope to own one day, but then many people fall in love with their very first motor too. First cars might not always be perfect, but the thrill of finally having your own transport makes them feel pretty special. They say love is blind, perhaps that’s what makes it easy to see past a car’s many little faults.

We're running a competition over on our Facebook page where you could win a ride in the car of your dreams with a supercar track day. Tell us your own first car love stories and we'll make the best ones in to graphics just like these and the best one will win a track day experience to remember!

Unfortunately the course of true love never did run smooth, and neither did any of these cars by the sound of it. First car love isn’t always an easy relationship as some of these stories confirm!