Our Story

Over 33 Years of First Class Leasing Service

Back in 1990, after heading up the contract hire division of a large multi-national fleet department for a large corporation, our founders had the vision to bring all the benefits that big corporations enjoyed from vehicle leasing, to the everyday driver and small business. From these beginnings Leasing Options was born...

It was decided to provide a huge choice of great leasing deals, to ANY size of customer. In a quarter of a century we have grown significantly, whilst still maintaining our original core values of huge choice, amazing service, and the best prices. From a sole trader, a personal customer to a large company - whether a car or van we will have the lease deal for you! These values have seen us grow from strength to strength, despite financial turbulence from economic slumps.

Leasing Options 25th Birthday

Birthday Cake Vs £350,000 Audi R8

We thought it was only right to celebrate this fantastic achievement with a birthday cake, a few birthday cakes in fact, and blowing out the candles Leasing Options-style; by driving through them in an Audi R8.

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A Road Trip Down Memory Lane...

Taking a look back to our earliest memories, one thing was quite apparent... there certainly wasn't today’s flexible choice of vehicles being produced back then!

What vehicles could you expect to lease back in 1990? Well, as you'd find today, there were cars for the travelling reps, small families, business pool schemes and then more luxurious models for company execs, management and so forth. The 90's saw quite a variety of vehicles from Ford to Volkswagen, Vauxhall to Rover, and iconic models from BMW to Audi too.

However, manufacturers such as Nissan were opening up gateways to the Far East by releasing models such as the Primera, bringing their production to the UK. Across Europe, Renault introduced their new design Clio and Italy had the freshly designed Fiat Uno. Each a popular car for motorists, it was down to Ford, Rover and Vauxhall to bear the title of the most popular leasing choices when we first began our long illustrious enterprise!

Based on a 3 year residual value lease, and 20,000 mile allowance, examples you could have leased were:

The Vauxhall Cavalier 1.6 L, £299.69 per month

The Rover 414 SLi £328.25 per month

The Ford Granada 2.9 Scorpio £716.88 per month

How much!?

As you can see, vehicle leasing today has changed considerably, with a huge selection of makes and models now available, and prices that are far more affordable. Take the Granada for example, although a luxurious performance saloon back in 1990, paying those prices today would equate to £1,594.23 a month! That’s more than what it costs to lease the top of the range BMW 7 Series Saloon M760Li xDrive 4dr Auto today!