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Reliable, efficient and practical, nothing says ‘professional’ quite like a Volvo. A Volvo is a great choice for both personal and business leases as they’re capable of covering thousands of miles without breaking too much of a sweat. On top of which they are also stylish, sleek and affordable.

You can take a look at our leasing deals below, and as soon as you’re ready to make your decision or need some last minute advice, our staff are ready to take you through our simple leasing process. Meaning you could be driving a brand new Volvo in no time. And with our price match promise, we can be sure to offer you the best price possible.

Volvos have a reputation for being the perfect family vehicles. Not only are they incredibly spacious but they are also one of the safest on the market. So, no matter how many pets or passengers you have in the car, you’ll have peace of mind knowing they’re all as safe as can be.

Take the Volvo XC90 for example. This stunning SUV was recently crowned the safest vehicle on the market thanks to its high-tech safety mechanism for automatic braking and hazard detection technology that warns drivers of potential collisions.

If you’re looking for something smaller, why not opt for the ever-popular V40? This brilliant hatchback could be your next car lease for less than £199 per month. They’re great looking both inside and out, super to drive and are perfect if efficiency is what you’re wanting.

Whichever car you choose, you can rest assured that if it has the Volvo badge stuck on the bonnet, it’ll look to part, it won’t let you down, you’ll be as safe as can be and it also won’t cost you a fortune to run.

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