Save on an electric car with salary sacrifice

You can save up to 40% on a brand new electric car with our employee benefits scheme

The most cost effective way to drive a brand new electric car!

Salary Sacrifice is the most cost effective way for an employee to give up part of their wages in return for a brand new electric car. In simple terms, an employee effectively 'swaps' part of their salary for another benefit. For a fixed monthly amount employees can receive a fully electric vehicle through a deduction made to your gross salary - giving you the savings on income tax and National Insurance Contributions.

As the car is available to employees for use in their own, private time, Benefit In Kind (BIK) tax is payable. However, as the scheme is only available for electric vehicles this will maximise savings through minimal BIK costs and simplify the process. Currently benefit-in-kind applied to electric cars the BIK at 2% until 2025.

The latest technology on the greatest choice of electric cars at the best prices.

Pay before tax

Payments come out of your salary you save 30-60% on the car and before tax is deducted, helping any extras included.

All electric brands

Access to the full range of electric cars at the best rates on the market.

No Cost

You get the full tax savings – at no cost to your employer.

Expert help

Our team help select the electric car that best meets your needs and guide you through the process

Get the most out of your experience

Whatever your driving needs are, We've got you covered

Brand new electric car

Choose from the best range of electric cars. We've even pre-ordered cars to get you on the

Outstanding Customer Care

Our experienced EV account managers will offer you the best advice.

Drive with free electric miles

Talk to us above free mileage packages from our energy partners.

Total Care Packages

Tailor your package to include additional motoring services.

Your choice in home charger

We can include a choice of the latest digital technology in home charging to get the best out of your energy price per mile.

Insurance & Maintenance

We can offer full maintenance and car insurance for the complete driving plan.

Drive the latest electric cars, for less.

Save £6696

MG MG4 Hatchback

Finance example

Higher Rate Taxpayer 40%
10, 000 miles pa£558 per month
inc VAT, No deposit
Employee tax savings£140 per month
Net cost / employee pays£418 per month
Note: Prices correct as at 09/04/24 *Prices are indicative as the best deals on the market change daily. Assumes higher rate taxpayer and in comparison to Personal Contract Hire.

Popular electric cars you can save on

You could save up to 40% on these vehicles through the EV salary sacrifice scheme.

Popular Personal Car lease manufacturers

We work with virtually every car manufacturer and pride ourselves on maintaining excellent relationships with each of them so that we can get the best possible deals for our customers. Take a look at our latest hybrid and electric car lease deals.

Benefits for the employer

An EV Salary Sacrifice Scheme can help business too

Hit your sustainability goals

Lead the charge against climate change. Give your team an alternative to petrol & diesel.

Attract and keep the best talent

75% of employees are more likely to stay with their employer because of their employee benefits package.

Help to drive your costs down

Save on national insurance contributions and give your team a cost-free benefit. And there's no cost to join.