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We believe a business lease (also known as 'contract hire') is the best way for your company to drive top-spec vehicles for relatively low monthly costs - without having to put down large payments or worry about the cost of depreciation.

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Benefits of Business Car Leasing

Business leasing gives your company the advantage of driving the very latest cars, cutting down on fuel and maintenance costs – and all without the up-front costs and depreciation associated with buying a brand new fleet.

As well as the morale benefits of providing your employees with brand new vehicles fitted with modern conveniences and technology, this helps your company do its bit for the environment too: new vehicles tend to have far lower emissions than old ones

If your company is VAT-registered and you take out a VAT-qualifying contract, you’ll be able to make even greater savings by reclaiming some of your tax costs from HMRC. If the vehicle is used purely for business reasons, you can reclaim as much as 100% of the VAT.

Business car leasing is also highly flexible. Contracts usually last for between two and four years, and if your lease is still working well for you, you can simply renew it. If conditions have changed, it’s simple to update your fleet to match the needs of your business

Over 25 years we've grown our reputation for superb customer service, acquired a huge range of vehicles and, with our Price Match Promise, offered our customers the best of the best deals.

So whether you’re looking for a brilliant individual deal or great-value fleet leasing, our friendly, experienced staff are on hand to find the option that suits your needs - just give us a call.

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How it works

Pick out the cars your business needs, and how many
Give us a call to speak with one of our business hire specialists. We can advise you if there’s anything you’re unsure about
After discussing your business’s needs, we’ll work with you to make a leasing agreement you’re happy with
Once the paperwork’s completed, we’ll let you know when you can expect your car delivery
Your cars will be delivered to your business, ready for use
Seven days after delivery, we’ll take your initial rental payment
When your contract is up, you can renew it or arrange a new contract. You may also have the option to buy.

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