These days new cars come with some amazing bells and whistles built in, but there are also loads of fanastic gadgets available that can add extra funcitonality to your motor too. We've chosen ten of our favourites, fantastic for gifts or maybe just a chance to spoil yourself!

wifi hotspot

Wifi Hotspot

Keep the kids occupied with a mobile hotspot to get your devices online when you’re in the car or out and about. The TP-Link M7350 offers connectivity for up to 10 different handsets, laptops or tablets with 4G speeds and up to 8 hours of battery life- plenty for passengers to get through a few movies on your next long journey. This clever little unit is compatible with SD cards from any network so there’s no need to worry whoever your provider is.

TP-Link M7350


car seat covers

Car Seat Organiser

Get the inside of your vehicle under control with a pair of these brilliant kick mat car organisers- perfect for young families. Not only do these clever covers protect your upholstery from muddy foot prints, they’ll also keep occupants occupied with space to hold a tablet and all your other gadgets. There’s also plenty of space for drinks, blankets or books plus a free tissue box for any accidents. Made from waterproof materials, they’re easy to clean and simple to fit and remove too.

Oasser Organiser


Pope car sticker

Ride With The Pope

Probably not the most useful item on this list, unless you’ve ever fancied being a chauffeur to the stars that is. Turn your motor in to the Popemobile with this super realistic celebrity sticker for your back window. Choose from other such luminaries as the Queen, Donald Trump, Prince Harry or a friendly sloth and wow your friends, family and other motorists. Thankfully the sticker is easy to remove once you’ve had your fun…

Pope Car Sticker


hudway car head up display

Head-up Display

Keep your eyes on the road with this brilliant head-up display. By wirelessly connecting to your smartphone the HUDWAY Cast can clearly display sat nav information without distracting you from driving. Using a light 20 times more powerful than most handheld device screens, the Cast projects a 20 inch wide image 8 feet in front of the driver, making it easy to alternate your focus from the road ahead. The project was funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign and the first models are set to ship in April.

Hudway Cast


dash cam

Dash cam

As prices fall and image quality steadily improves, dash cams are becoming increasingly popular on UK roads. These clever little gadgets are a great way to protect yourself in the event of accident, as well as giving you the opportunity to find the next viral video star like Ronnie Pickering. The Nextbase 112 is one of the best value options out there right now; its compact, wireless design will keep your car uncluttered whilst also providing excellent 720p video and most importantly give you peace of mind when you’re driving.

Nextbase 112


car vacuum cleaner

Car Vacuum Cleaner

Get those seat-crumbs in check with this handheld vacuum cleaner from Hotor. The easy to use portable car cleaner boasts powerful suction despite its diminutive size and makes keeping your pride and joy clean and tidy a cinch. This battery-powered gadget can be charged using a vehicle’s cigarette lighter and will handle both wet and dry dirt.

Hotor Vacuum Cleaner


car seat massager

Vibrating Seat Massager

Nothing is more important on long journeys than the driver’s comfort, especially if they suffer with muscular pain. This brilliant body massager uses eight vibrating motors and targeted heating filaments to lightly relax and sooth. With four different programs and three speed settings to adapt to every requirement there’s something for everyone, and the light and portable design means this clever cushion is perfect for the home, office or car.

Naipo Body Massager


Bluetooth radio

Bluetooth radio

These days most new cars come with smartphone connectivity, however if you don’t have the latest technology there’s an easy way to unlock all the music and podcasts on your device. An FM transmitter works by broadcasting a radio signal that your phone can pick up and play, allowing you to listen to audio and make hands free calls from your phone. There are plenty of options out there, we like the VicTsing as it offers charging from either USB or your car’s cigarette lighter.

VicTsing Bluetooth Radio


blind spot mirrors

Blind Spot Mirrors

Whether you’re an experienced driver who’s grown a little complacent, or a recent learner just starting out on the road, blind spot mirrors are a simple and cheap way to make your car much safer. These stick on mirrors from Ankier come in a handy pair that are easy to fit on your wing mirrors, with a super strong adhesive that’s guaranteed to last. The 360 degree rotation allow you to fix them in the perfect position providing excellent visibility for all kinds of manoeuvres and lane changes.

Ankier Blind Spot Mirrors


car fridge

Drink Cooler/Warmer

Nothing ruins a car journey more than a tepid brew or a cold drink gone warm. Thankfully those days are over with this brilliant portable refrigerator and warmer that can be powered by your car’s cigarette lighter. With space for up to 6 litres of food and beverages, this brilliant gadget could be a lifesaver if you got trapped in your car during wintry weather, or alternatively it could keep you refreshed with cool drinks during the summer months or a camping trip.

Portable Car Fridge