Devote a day to fully cleaning your car after the harsh winter, removing the build up of dirt and grime from road salt and deicers. A good spring clean now means that you won’t have to spend too much time on this chore the next time you tackle it.

Clean off that Winter Muck

Leaving dirt on your vehicle can cause damage at an accelerated rate. Give your exterior a good clean with car shampoo and a jet wash; make sure you use the jet wash to blast inside the arches and under the side sills to remove stubborn buildups.

A top tip is to use a wash mitt and not a yellow sponge as they can capture little stones and scratch the paint. A wash mitt removes the stones and dirt away from the cleaning surface, reducing the risk of scratching the paint or adding little swirl marks. This step isn’t just seasonal: it is important to do this regularly to ensure the paintwork stays fresh and with a lasting deep shine.

Polish, Polish, Polish!

For the best results, a machine polish is amazing! Of course not everyone has access to this, so it’s a good job hand polish works just as well with a bit of elbow grease.

Polish acts as a buffing agent on those pesky swirl marks your car picks up over time. Make sure you use a light hand pressure as the polish is abrasive. It can help even out the marks in the  paint but too much and it can damage the paint.

Your car will be so clean after this you will be able to see yourself perfectly!

Protect that Paint

Now, what’s the point in putting in all that effort for it to go back to normal in a week?

Protect your hard work with a coat of car wax. There are two (well many really) types of car wax, a natural carnauba wax and a synthetic wax. Both protect the cars in similar ways, but it's purely down to preference which you choose to use.

This acts as a barrier  for the paintwork. Anything which would normally touch the paint surface, road salt, mud, dirt or bird droppings, now sits on top of the wax. This makes it easier to clean off. As wax also makes the water bead on top, it’s easier to dry the vehicle when you’ve washed it.

Clean the Windows

Grab yourself some good quality glass cleaner, make sure it is for vehicles, and get them sparkling clean. Don’t forget the insides too, that’s where those pesky fingerprints are! To finish it off just get some standard kitchen paper which will give it a streak free finish.

Hoover Away the Winter Dust 

You’ve come all this way, don’t forget to hoover all those crumbs. After moving everything out your car there will be a fair amount of dust lying on your seats so make sure to hoover that up. Untouched places of the vehicle are dust bunnies best friend so don’t hold back.

Now you can bask in the cleanliness of your car!