Like us, you probably didn't know that the 8th February is World Opera Day, but this year we thought it would be fun to get involved - and we don't do things by halves here at Leasing Options!

We figured the best way to celebrate would be to belt out a few tunes but, save for the odd worktime singalong with Absolute Radio, it would be fair to say there isn't a great deal of vocal talent in our workplace.

So to give us a hand we got some trained opera singers in to man the phones and pass on a few pointers while they were at it.



A huge thanks go to our wonderful singers, Lara, Dani and Lucy, who all study at the Royal Northern College of Music here in Manchester. I think you'll agree they were amazing - fantastic singing voices and great fun, they even got the brews in too!



It would be fair to say we had some fairly confused and amused customers when they got through to hear those dulcet tones. Did you manage to speak to one of our Operatic Operators? We broadcast the event live on Facebook and the phones were ringing off the hook!

We even had go at a bit of singing ourselves too, with fairly mixed results....