Nothing could be more festive than belting out a few Christmas number ones when you're behind the wheel, but when is acceptable to start your yuletide sing-a-long? We asked 3,547 people when they like to dust off Chris Rea and Co for their annual outing and the results are in!

It turns out nearly half of all our respondents (48%) think the beginning of advent is the best time to pump up the volume on their tinsel tinged tunes, whilst a third (33%) want to get things started the moment they've chucked their pumpkins away on the day after Hallowe'en.

A worryingly high proportion (12%) think it's perfectly normal to have Christmas everyday and listen to festive music all year round- hopefully they'll keep that to themselves!

Finally 4% like to leave it until the night before on Christmas Eve and 2% of grumpy Scrooges never want to rock around the Christmas tree at all.

When do you like to start the festivities in your car? Let us know!