In July the final VW Beetle rolled off the production line in Puebla, the home of Volkswagen's Mexican operation just south of the capital. In total over 21 million copies of the iconic car were produced worldwide but no country fell for the love bug quite like Mexico.

Affectionately nicknamed vocho by locals, the little VW grew to become the most popular vehicle in Mexican history. It was the ideal family vehicle, that was easy and cheap to fix and could handle hills better than anything else around. Then in the 1970s the car was selected to become the official taxi vehicle of Mexico City leading to a flood of bright green Beetles throughout the metropolis.

The car was exhibited way back in 1954, although the first vehicles weren't assembled until a decade later when Volkswagen Mexico was set up. Popularity for the car grew over time, peaking in the 1980s when the price was fixed to the minimum wage.

To this day the roads of Mexico are full of vochos, some painted, others modified but all loved!