April is a great time to start enjoying the great outdoors again, and what better way than with a brand new SUV? This month we'll be taking a look at all the benefits of owning an SUV but first here are seven of the best, our favourite SUVs that you can lease right now.



We think the Kuga is a superb looking 4X4 – in fact we’d be more than happy to call one of these our own.  It seats 5 adults and returns up to a very decent 53.3 mpg, and also has standard features that'll keep you occupied with all day long. There’s  an infotainment  system, cruise control, air conditioning, heated door mirrors, and 6 speakers too.  For more information about and some great deals click the link below.
Latest Ford Kuga Deals



On the hunt for a stylish looking but inexpensive SUV, take a look at the Seat Ateca lease deals available now at Leasing Options by clicking the link below. Based on the SEAT Leon hatchback, the Ateca puts the SPORT back in to SUV, it's great fun to drive. This is a practical family vehicle too though, offering plenty of boot space and safety kit. If that ticks all your boxes drop us a line!
Latest Seat Ateca Deals



An amazingly versatile and pleasantly well manufactured mini-SUV, the Hyundai Tucson is the perfect choice for motorists looking for the thrills without the spills. Impressive spec lists together with the design aesthetics that make the Tucson stand out above the competition, there is nothing cheap about this great vehicle, whether leasing for the entire family or just for yourself we've got the deal you've been looking for, click below for more details.
Latest Hyundai Tucson Deals



If you were to see a Tiguan in the street, you’d easily be forgiven for wishing you owned one. Great to look at and with a standard spec including air conditioning, alloy wheels, an anthracite-metallic interior trim, and an electronic parking brake, this is a car that offers style as well as practicality. Talk to us about our Volkswagen Tiguan contract hire and car leasing options today we've got some fantastic deals below:
Latest Volkswagen Tiguan Deals



If you're in the market for an SUV that offers fantastic performance and premium looks, inside and out, then check out the Mecedes Benz GLC lease deals available now at Leasing Options. With its comfortable, refined ride and economical engines the GLC makes great sense for personal or business use. To take a look at the great offers for Mercedes Benz GLC leasing available here now give the link below a click.
Latest Mercedes-Benz GLC Deals



You could argue that this is Nissan’s most iconic model, that’s a matter of opinion, but there is no doubting its quality as a vehicle. It’s superb looking, drives very well, and has standard features including a Bluetooth phone integration system, cruise control, a leather steering wheel, and automatic headlamp activation. One of our Nissan Qashqai lease deals will see you right, take a look at our best offers below.
Latest Nissan Qashqai Deals



Kia, take a bow. Well take one for us anyway, because we think this is an astounding car. It looks superb, and some of us would even say it's flawless. Not only is it blessed with looks, it’s got great features too. Automatic wipers, air conditioning, LED running lights, and cruise control are all standard features. Give us a call or click the link below and you can find a Kia Sportage leasing option that’s right for you.
Latest Kia Sportage Deals