During July the Leasing Lounge will be focusing on saloons, we'll have road tests of some fantastic vehicles so be sure to keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks. To whet your appetite here are the best saloons for 2017, all available now on fantastic lease deals!


Audi A4

Now in its fifth generation, the Audi A4 has been around since 1994, and the latest iteration brings the usual mix of refinement and practicality we've come to expect from the premium German brand. The interior is attractive and there's plenty of space from the boot to the back seat, which is the roomiest in its class. When it comes to technology this car holds a few trump cards over its rivals too, with the option a virtual cockpit you can view the sat nav behind the steering wheel rather than on the infotainment screen, so you can keep your eyes a little closer to the action. It might not offer the thrill of some competitors once on the road, but what the Audi A4 lacks in excitement it more than makes up for in comfort and refinement.

Audi A4 Lease Deals


Mazda 6

There are some smart looking vehicles on this list and arguably none more so than the Mazda 6, you need to see this car live in the metal to really appreciate its sleek design. This ain't just a pretty face either, the Mazda 6 is great fun to drive as well, providing a much more engaging ride than you might anticipate from a car of this stature. There might not be the premium touches found in some rivals but then the Mazda is brilliant value, and not half bad at the pump either, choosing the 148bhp diesel will give you 0-62mph in 9.1 seconds and a claimed 69mpg. If you're looking for something a bit different from the usual German brands this car definitely deserves your attention.

Mazda 6 Lease Deals


BMW 3 Series

After over 40 years at the head of its market the 3 Series should need little introduction, this car offers everything BMW strives to provide its loyal customers and then some. With rear wheel drive and new turbocharged petrol and diesel engines the ride is as thrilling as ever, handling is responsive and there's bags of grip too, it more than lives up to its sporty looking frame. On the inside you'll find a smart and uncluttered dash layout with an intuitive to use infotainment system, attractive enough but functional too. If you're looking for an executive saloon that ticks all the boxes it's hard to look past BMW's class leading machine.

BMW 3 Series Lease Deals


Mercedes E-Class

There are some luxurious interiors on this list, but the Merc has to take top spot, this car is gorgeous throughout. Not only is the inside of the E-Class refined but it's super spacious too, with loads of room on the back seat and in the boot. Comfort is the aim of the game when it comes to the road too - think relaxing drive rather than sporty ride - this car is all about offering a premium experience to passengers and driver alike. That desire to provide a little bit extra also extends to the brilliant class-leading smartphone app, which can park or hail the car at the push of button, genuinely innovative technology offering yet more reasons why this car truly has the wow factor.

Mercedes E-Class Lease Deals


Jaguar XE

It might just be the one you buy with your heart not your head, but really, who cares how much junk you can fit in the trunk when your car looks like this? Managing to skate that line between smart and sporty the Jaguar XE is a certified head turner, you're guaranteed to sneak a glance back at this motor as you walk away. At the wheel is where the fun really starts though, this is the most fun car to drive in its class, hands down. It's super responsive and has a perfect driving position too, making the whole experience as intuitive as they come. This car is all about the ride, but there's some cool tech too, including the option of a wifi hot spot, is this the coolest saloon available now?

Jaguar XE Lease Deals


Alfa Romeo Giulia

Another pretender to the crown, daring to challenge in a sector so dominated by the main German brands, is Alfa Romeo's Giulia, all round it's probably the best car they've built in years. It looks fantastic, with beautiful sweeping lines and a super sporty grille, the interior is razor-sharp smart too with an infotainment screen nicely incorporated in to the dashboard rather than tacked on, as is often the case. When it comes to the ride this car is second only to the Jaguar, handling is highly responsive and the Alfa is the lighest vehicle in its class, which shows. We love the Giulia and reckon you will too, our latest lease deals are only a click away below.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Lease Deals