Not much can compare to the thrill of putting the pedal to the metal in a real pocket rocket. These hot hatch superminis prove that good things come in small packages and not necessarily with large price tags either! These are all practical choices too, vehicles that will ably deal with city driving, the weekly shop and longer journeys too. If you're looking for a car that will give you the ride of your life but tick plenty of other boxes too take a look at our best small hot hatchbacks for 2017.


Audi S1

Just as Audi's A1 is the premium, refined choice within the supermini market, the S1 fits the same upmarket pigeon hole amongst other small hot hatchbacks. This smart-cabined car doesn't just impress with its interior though, the S1 brings blistering performance too. Sharing a platform with VAG group hatch stablemates like the Polo brings with it more stability than hair raising antics though, there are more fun machines to drive on this list. The S1 is a fantastic looking vehicle that's composed on the road, reasonably practical too for a car of its size and with pretty decent fuel economy too.

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Peugeot 208 Gti by Peugeot Sport

Small cars can definitely be the most fun. This list proves that, and the tiny 208 is a case in point. With its fresh, two tone paint job, this little Peugeot looks great fun and this souped up hatch lives up to that out on track too. Performance is pretty much on a par with competitors, but the Peugeot really excels from behind the wheel. Low-slung sport seats put the driver closer to the action and tuned-up tech like the front axle limited slip differential help bring serious grip and real motoring pleasure.

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Renault Clio 200 Renaultsport

The all-new hot Clio has been fully updated in this latest model and especially on this inside. You'll notice there's a slick new dashboard with built in touchscreen and a improved, more premium feel throughout the interior. A couple of alterations that many won't be pleased to see however are the replacement of the manual gearbox with flappy pedals on the steering wheel and the change from three doors to five, neither of which feel like the right decision for a car built for the racers amongst us.

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Mini John Cooper Works

Minis have always been synonymous with great fun, but those cars bearing the Cooper designation - which was worn by the classic all-conquering rally cars of years gone by – hold a special sort of pedigree. These days John Cooper Works still stands for a thrills, spills plus serious power and this latest version is no different. From the sports suspension through to that gutsy 231 hp Twin Power turbo engine this car lives up to its legacy. Add to that a few desirable features of the modern Mini, like its gorgeous retro interiors and beautiful circular central console, and this little pocket rocket is hard to ignore!

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Ford Fiesta ST

This ones definitely worth keeping an eye out for. When the all-new Ford Fiesta ST arrives early in the new year it looks likely to go straight in at number one and take the small-hot-hatch crown. You can always rely on Ford to deliver an engaging drive with the Fiesta but the new ST gives even more bang for your buck, simply put, this handles better than anything else in the sector. The Fiesta's new looks may divide opinion, this probably isn't the sexiest car around, but for pure driving pleasure look no further.

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