When it comes to lugging stuff around, estate cars are the top tool in the trade. Unless you've got a van, there's no way to get more junk in your trunk than with a wagon. This month we'll be focusing on these brilliant workhorse vehicles and in the Leasing Lounge there will be road test reviews of some of the best estate cars on the market right now. You might be amazed by how much space there is in a modern estate, fold down those back seats and you can even fit the kitchen sink! So if you're looking for a car with enough space for a growing family or a busy business take a look at our lowdown of the best estate cars for 2017.


Skoda Superb Estate

If you're looking for an estate car, interior space is no doubt paramount and the Skoda Superb Estate is genuinely cavernous on the inside- we're talking 1,950 litres with the seats down. Despite its low price when compared to the closest rivals, this wagon trumps most other things in the sector when it comes to boot capacity and room for your passengers. Of course size isn't everything though, and this Skoda delivers in plenty of other ways too. There's a touchscreen infotainment system as standard, great safety features and a wide choice of petrol and diesel engines depending on your requirements. Is this the best estate car available right now?

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Volvo V90

Volvo used to be the go to manufacturer for estate cars, and the new V90 goes some way to reclaiming their wagon-king title. This car oozes class. From the beautifully designed cabin, through to the stunning inverted grille and Thor's hammer headlights, Volvo have designed a genuinely appealing machine. True the ride isn't as thrilling as it could be, but if comfort is the aim the V90 does the job better than most in its class- the refined interior is a lovely place to be. Under the bonnet you can choose from a range of petrol, diesel and hybrid engines. Volvo have definitely built one of the best estate cars for 2017.


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Audi A4 Avant

If the best quality gadgets and interior refinement are top of your list look no further. This Audi really is fantastically well put together, but especially on the inside. Everything is exactly where it should be, this car is packed full of technology but it's all incredibly intuitive to use from the get go. This is also one of the most spacious cars in the class, the boot boasts 505 litres and that grows to 1,510 when the seats are folded down. Audi also claim to have more room in the back for passengers than any of the rivals. Bottom line is this estate exudes all the class we've come to expect from the premium German manufacturer, and that's surely no bad thing.


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Ford Focus Estate

The Focus is of course legendary for offering a great drive at a very attractive price point, as well ticking most boxes you can think of, and the wagon version is no different. If you're looking for something that's loads of fun on the road but offers plenty more space than your usual family hatchback this Ford could be the best estate car for you. On the inside standard equipment doesn't quite match up to some of its competitors, but everything has been improved in the latest model, and there's a nicely designed centre console with the option of upgrading to an 8 inch touchscreen.


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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate

File this one under superb for luxury and practicality. The E-Class undoubtedly has the elegant refinement you'd expect from a Merc both inside and out, but there is loads of space too, with the seats down you're looking at a ginormous 1,820 litres. On the road this car's a great choice as well, with frugal diesel engines capable of delivering 67 mpg or the choice of petrol V8 that will get from 0 to 62mph in just 3.6 seconds. This may not be the most fun to drive car in the class but it's probably the most comfortable and has more than enough in the locker to make our list of best estates for 2017.


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Volkswagen Passat Estate

As with most VWs, the Passat Estate fits nicely just below the most premium offerings in the sector but is superior to almost everything else available. There is plenty in common with stablemate the Superb, though that is of course no bad thing, the Skoda does offer slightly more interior space though. With its horizontal grille the Volkswagen is arguably a more handsome vehicle than the Superb but that is of course a matter of opinion. Either way these are both great cars and the Volkswagen Passat is certainly on of the best estate cars available right now.

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