UPDATE:Preordering started on the 8th May, VW received 10,000 deposits within the first 24 hours and currently have more than 15,000 allocations reserved

Volkswagen have announced their new Golf-sized hatchback, a fully-electric car that will be the first ID vehicle to be released, the ID.3.

The first edition vehicles will have an expected range of 260 miles and come equipped with 110kw fast charging as standard. The ID.3 is the first production electric vehicle to be built on the MEB platform, the new modular platform at the core of all ID vehicles.

Pre-ordering for an expected 2020 summertime launch starts with paying an initial deposit of £750 direct to VW through their newly launched microsite, and customers will be contacted in early 2020 to confirm the order, once prices and full specs have been confirmed and released. Join our Newsletter for updates.

VW has confirmed the first ID.3 will be carbon-neutral at handover, by implementing new measures in reducing CO2 output during production, with the greater use of renewable wind and solar energy sources and powering the factories with natural gas, and tasking the third party component and parts suppliers to use green energy. If the owners of the ID.3 continue to recharge via green energy sources, over its lifetime it’s possible the ID.3 will stay CO2 neutral.