Even Xzibit has been roped in to extol the virtues of this once derided and mocked vehicle, which is a huge coup for this particular vehicle manufacturer. The ‘Pimp My Ride’ presenter is considered to be rap royalty amongst his peers, so if he seems to think that the Yeti is a half decent model then others are sure to follow suit. He unveils this brand spanking new automobile to a shocked but delighted punter, who comes into his famous garage asking if he can make some changes to his rather sorry-looking vehicle; which Xzibit does with aplomb! Skoda has actually been voted the number one automotive brand for customer service based on the results of over 9,000 individuals, which is an incredible feat in itself. I mean, do you remember when you used to cringe as your dad drove through the school gates in an ancient battered Skoda whilst your friends openly laughed and mocked your parents’ poor choice of vehicle? It was as excruciatingly embarrassing as that significant moment in ‘The Inbetweeners’ when Simon’s father presents his son with a second-hand car on his birthday; a far cry from the babe-magnet that he was expecting. A clapped-out Fiat Cinquecento is not exactly the sort of vehicle which an awkward teen would choose themselves; especially seeing as it had to have a replacement door attached to it when the original one suffered a terrible fate at the hands of disgruntled fairground-goers. Poor old Simon was ribbed mercilessly about his old banger, which was eventually put out of its misery when it accidentally rolled down a riverbank into the water, never to be seen again. Funny though it is-in fact, the car was put up for sale on ebay and the bidding started at an unbelievable £999,999. It is now being auctioned off in aid of Comic Relief, and is expected to reach astronomical prices as collectors are guaranteed to want to own a piece of such iconic memorabilia. There is no funny business when it comes to personal car leasing from Leasing Options as we instead pride ourselves on our honesty, integrity and ‘can do’ attitude. As far as business car leasing is concerned, one of our most popular vehicles is the amazing Skoda Fabia Hatchback as it is incredibly versatile and adaptable and costs under £125 quid a month to rent out; which is cheap by anyone’s standards. Commercial customers are just as important as those who are looking for personal car leasing deals as we do not want to differentiate between any parties as each and every person is valued. This comes across in our approach to business car leasing, as we offer a widespread variety of standard packages with the opportunity to make specific additions or changes if needs be. So if you are looking for something extra special on a semi-permanent basis, then why not fork out a little bit of cash and take the opportunity to invest in Skoda business car leasing dealsfrom Leasing Options? The stunning Superb; the ravishing Rapid; the charming Citigo; all of our fantabulous vehicles are waiting for new homes. Just call 0161 660 9204 if you are looking for another driving companion as we promise that you will find something truly spectacular.