You're not alone if the thought of hitting the open road for a fun road trip with your friends or loved ones makes you want to pack up and get behind the wheel immediately.

But what we often find on journeys, long or short, is that our driving buddy can actually be pretty irritating. Whether you've just pulled off the driveway or you're two hours into a long haul drive, our passengers can make or, quite often, break the trip.

We recently surveyed UK motorists, polling 1,000 men and women to find out what habits annoy them most about passengers. We also asked how they performed when taking on a series of car manoeuvres with and without a passenger.

Some 70% of the men and women surveyed said they are more likely to stall with a passenger on board, but only 44% would get road rage with a passenger showing that they can have their benefits.

So what are the annoying habits that really grind our gears?

  1. Commenting on your driving 
  2. Giving you directions 
  3. Changing the music 
  4. Pointing instead of providing directions 
  5. Getting in with muddy shoes 
  6. Fighting (kids)    
  7. Smoking 
  8. Passing wind 
  9. Not wearing their seatbelt 
  10. Changing temperature 


We're sure there are plenty more annoying habits that spring to mind; let us know your passenger bugbears by tweeting us at @LeasingOptions