The Ford Focus: one of the biggest success stories for the manufacturer and one that rules the roost in terms of reliable, efficient and safe family hatchbacks. But don't just take our word for it; with so many Ford Focus reviews out there, we've compiled comments from some of the leading car websites and magazines for you to make your own mind up.


The biggest form of competition to the Ford Focus, according to CarBuyer, is the Volkswagen Golf, especially in terms of quality. However, they believe the Focus wins hands down when it comes to comfort and handling. "Whichever Focus you pick", they say, "will be a cheap car to run". Ford has ensured that every member of the Focus family comes equipped with the latest technology so that they're as environmentally-friendly and efficient as possible. CarBuyer also like the interior, claiming the seats are comfy and provide a decent level of back support.

Top Gear

Top Gear can be notoriously hard to please, but they've hailed the Ford Focus as a "superb ride", describing it as the "complete package". They believe the Focus makes the driver feel instantly at home and confident behind the wheel. Top Gear also claim that it rides well, with minimal wind and tyre noise: "an amazing level of refinement for a hatchback". Inside is good news, too: it feels spacious and is finished to a high spec.


According to WhatCar, the Ford Focus is the ideal car for nipping around town - it's a smooth ride with strong acceleration from low revs. It's got a strong grip and solid body control, meaning it feels "wonderfully agile in bends". They also praise the isolation of road and wind noise. Its strong brakes and "accurate gearshift" mean that the Focus is a pleasure to drive.


The Ford Focus is not the best-selling family hatchback in the UK for no reason: it provides "supreme quality, comfort and handling" and is a very enjoyable ride. In corners, the Focus has a responsive chassis and quick steering - it most definitely has the edge over its competitors in terms of handling, AutoExpress say. They praise the energy emissions: every Focus in the family emits less than 140g/km of CO2 - pretty decent when you consider the engine size.

The Guardian

The Guardian says it's obvious why the Focus has done so well over the years: it is "well-made, efficient and reliable". For them, it's the best of its kind and scores top marks for looks, space, hi-tech gadgetry and safety systems. They also claim that, for a car with worldwide appeal, it has a remarkably unique shape and it has "a real presence". Ford Focus, go to the top of the class!

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Image: Ford Motor Company