It's going to be an interesting game as Italy on one side come together to show their might against the equally predominant Spaniards. An afternoon filled with passion for football, emotion, cheering and a fair amount of heckling too!

As vehicle leasing experts, here at Leasing Options we enjoy the competition and sportsmanship of a good match and as so are battling off two of our most favoured city cars/superminis against each other to see who comes out on top.

On the red side, weighing in at 1290kgs for Spain is the Seat MII Hatchback, a respectable 1.0ltr 3 cylinder, 3 and 5 door city car, that offers a good driving position, room for adults in the back and returns fair fuel economy figures of 62.8 mpg combined.

On the blue side, representing Italy is the 1.2ltr S Fiat 500 Hatchback. A four cylinder, 3 or 5 door city car that tips the scales at an uber-satisfying 865kgs, with space for between 4 and 5 adults at a squeeze and a combined fuel economy of 60.1 mpg, the Fiat is just pipped to the post on economy.

Getting to 60mph comes over 2 secs quicker in the Fiat 500, although it is boasting a slightly larger engine and is considerably lighter too, with the plucky Spaniard maintaining a lower Co2 rating, greater resistance to corrosion and both sides calling a draw on the length of time each manufacturer guarantees their paint for.

The heat is rising on the pitch as both countries are working their sides to win, control is taken by Fiat, then a fumble on the pitch hands the ball straight back to Seat. The Spaniards undertake a few excellent moves and some fancy footwork before blasting the ball into the back of the net. The crowd goes wild as the Spaniards rev their engines and smoke their tyres in almost distinguishable doughnuts on the green grass.

But wait....what's this? The linesman, a spirited Audi A3 is waiving his chequered flag in anticipation of the referee, a Mitsubishi Shogun, witnessing an error!.......the Seat number 9 player Fernando Alonso was offside!

Goal disallowed!!

Oh, the crowd goes into an uproar as Italian captain Giancarlo Fisichella wearing the number -1 and his team regroup for the final leg of the tournament! Only 10mins remain as the two sides battle it out for the trophy....who will win? Will it be the Fiat team, who offer fun, frolics and a sense for adventure, or will it be the Spanish Seats, whose frugal, roomy and economically greener nature save the day? Let's wait and see, when they both face each other in less than 24hrs!