State-specific licence plates are a great source of pride to drivers in America, but why should our cousins across the pond have all the fun? For many Brits, being Lancastrian, Yellowbelly or Essaxon is just as important a part of our identity as for a Texan, New Yorker or Californian - yet our number plates are the same all over the land.

To address this injustice, Leasing Options surveyed the nation to find out what people thought were the great iconic features of 20 different counties - and based on their responses, we came up with new number plate designs for each one. You can see all of our creations below and we've picked out some of our favourite results from the survey too:


West Yorkshire and South Yorkshire

There was an epic scrap between West and South for the right to have a Yorkshire pudding adorn the county's number plate. In the end South Yorkshire wanted it more, with 40% voting for the buttery treat, leaving West Yorkshire to settle for a traditional White Rose.


Folk hero and multiple felon Robin Hood stole the show here with 38% of respondents opting for the outlaw, he was closely followed by his home, Sherwood Forest. As much fun as it would have been to make a number plate themed around HP Sauce (4%) or Ed Balls (1%), it's the green-suited man in tights who'll adorn Nottinghamshire's plates.



Things took an unexpected turn as oat cakes (35 %) topped the list in Staffs - proving more popular even than Wedgewood crockery (12%), Stoke City FC(12%) and bull terriers (12%). Anyone who's ever spoken to someone from Stoke about breakfast won't be too surprised by this result and so, loath to question the will of the people, we diligently got to work on the exciting oat cake-themed design you see now.


Greater Manchester

There's bound to be some controversy in the North West after Manchester United FC was named the county's number one iconic feature - and not just because voters gave short shrift to Oasis (2%), Eccles cakes (6%) and the Albert Hall (11%). To all you City fans, we can only apologise.

This is just a small cross-section of the number plates our voters chose to represent their homelands.