Yes, Nissan’s luxury brand Infiniti is upping their game and joining the ranks of a handful of manufacturers who have adopted the ‘S’ badge to a selection of their premium vehicles.

Taking the Q50 to the next level to rival BMW’s M3, the Q50 S will certainly raise a number of eyebrows. The ‘S’ badge will also feature on the new Q60 which will arrive on British roads later this year, producing 400bhp from the 3.0 twin turbo powerplant.

In addition, rumours are that the QX50 SUV will be a third Infiniti model that will be receiving the S treatment. Definitely something to keep your peepers peeled for!

So, together with news of the launch of a new engine that benefits from what is known as ‘variable compression’, it really does seem a though Infiniti are set to make multiple waves on the UK car market.

Quite simply, variable compression means performance but with considerable more improved fuel efficiency.

We can’t wait to hear more about this new ‘variable compression’ technology…a concept that has actually existed for decades but used only within the confines of laboratories for combustion process studies.

One that nearly reached production was developed by now defunct car manufacturer SAAB back in the early 2000’s but shelved because of cost.

Not unlike Honda and their variable valve timing which proved a huge success amongst drivers off all ages across the world, Infiniti could have the same applause and success with the VC-T engine and here at Leasing Options, we’re looking forward to Infiniti’s ‘S’ range reaching our shores soon.