Although it looks somewhat reminiscent of its predecessor (which was released in 2009) but the 2013 edition packs a little more punch, as Chevrolet decided they wanted to improve the Camaro’s quality. This season’s track focused Z/28 model comes together like a dream with Chevy’s standard rear wheel drive for tail- sliding action, a redesigned front bumper, a new grille, brembo carbon ceramic brakes, full interior leather and a six speed manual gearbox. Where once the Camaro boasted a 6.2 litre V8 engine, it now cowers beneath the Z/28 variant’s 7.0 litre V8 engine that is reported to be able to deliver up to 500 horse power. Although the UK is hardly power car central, we can all agree that a power car comes with its own sense of finesse plus there is absolutely no doubt that the Z/28 will turn heads. The Camaro Z/28 has been priced at an estimated £40,000. Here at Leasing Options, our cars can be made bespoke and tailored specifically to suit your motoring needs so you get to choose exactly what you want from your car. With a grand 11,000 vehicle catalogue, we’re one of the UK’s biggest independent car leasing companies. With over 21 years’ experience in the motor industry we cut out the middle man and bring you brand new showroom manufactured cars direct from the dealers at the best prices, specialising in business car leasing we also offer cars on finance to make it that extra bit easier. Whatever you’re looking to car lease or hire make Leasing Options your first options.