In a push to make to improve the efficiency of the motoring world the DVLA has implemented measures to make the entire driving system paperless. This means over time nearly all aspects of paper will be replaced by a digital counterpart and stored on a database for easy access for all parties including insurance providers. After the change to the paperless tax system tax will no longer pass with the vehicle when sold and instead will be refunded to the person selling the car. This means you must ensure you re-tax the vehicle to be able to use it.

This transition from paper tax discs to the paperless system is due to take place on the 1st October 2014 and therefore the DVLA has stopped ordering the paper that the discs were printed on. They have however run out of paper to print all the remaining tax discs on and therefore for the time between now and the change over all discs will be printed on a new type of paper. This means that the disc will no longer be delivered on the pre perforated paper. Although all authorities have been informed of these changes you can get extra information at