Not that the Ibiza is in any way, shape or form unimpressive and bang average; as it is actually completely the opposite. There are so many humdrum, so-so vehicles on the road such as the standard 4x4 or family hatchback and you personally want to find an automobile which reflects your personality, whether that be flamboyant and a little outrageous or reserved and quite conservative. Even if you see yourself as a bit of a wallflower compared to some of your louder, more confident colleagues it is important to maintain a pristine, unkempt appearance if you want to be considered for promotion alongside the office joker and this should extend to the vehicle that you own. This gorgeous little coupe is one of our top five blockbusters at Leasing Options; the specialists in unbeatable personal and business car leasing packages. If you wish to rent a gorgeous Seat for commercial purposes then you will be delighted to know that we have hordes of incredible business contract hire deals which can be tailored to suit specific requirements and preferences. You do not have to pay anything extra for attractive features like speed sensitive power steering, driver/passenger sun visors and vanity mirrors, and a handy “Lights On” warning button; but you can also customise your brand new Seat with snazzy hill hold control and tyre pressure monitors, cruise control panels and cornering front fog lights. If you are travelling through unfamiliar territory then these extra additions will be welcomed most cordially as they ensure that you are safe and secure on the roads. Even if you are going full pelt down the motorway you can navigate with consummate ease and will be absolutely thrilled that you chose Leasing Options as your business contract hire dealership. Domestic customers can procure an alluring Alhambra, eye-catching Exeo or lovely Leon for next to nothing as Seat personal car leasing does not just lend itself to Ibiza models. If you want to find out a little more about our unbeatable special offers when it comes to Seat business car leasing just call Leasing Options today on 0161 820 6594.