We’ve found a great (and accurate) list to share with you courtesy of cheatsheet.com who have drafted a brilliant selection of specialist and standard vehicles that we feel really reflect the character styles of Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and other original characters.

Whether you imagine power and indestructible build quality in a vehicle for Darth Vader or something small, light and nimble for R2D2, these cars have really hit the nail on the head.

So whether you like Luke’s choice of a Ford Mustang GT350R or perhaps find that the best match would be the Ford Raptor SVT for Chewbacca, which is your favourite!

Around the office, we’ve had a fun morning looking at the 12 cars that were picked out and matched for the characters, especially the Smart ForTwo that represents R2D2 perfectly or Master Yoda’s ‘very green’ AMC Gremlin…

Have a look at the list below and we think you might agree with us…

1. Darth Vader – Dartz Black Shark

2. Luke Skywalker – Ford Mustang GT350R

3. Emperor Palpatine – Rolls Royce Phantom

4. Princess Leia – Volkswagen Golf R

5. Chewbacca – Ford Raptor SVT

6. R2D2 – Smart ForTwo

7. C3PO – Jaguar S-Type

8. Han Solo – Nissan 240SX With an LS Swap

9. Master Yoda – A very green AMC Gremlin

10. Jabba the Hutt – Winnebago Ellipse Ultra

11. Lando Calrissian – 2017 Lincoln Continental

12. Boba Fett – Bowler Motorsport Defender 90 Challenge

Credit: Cheatsheet.com