Only 27% of fleet operators are performing regular checks on their vehicles aside from scheduled annual maintenance services. The study also shows that 58% of fleets rely on the annual service or the recommended maintenance to identify issues, while 13% of fleet operators rely solely on their drivers to inform them about potential issues.

When speaking about the potential impact on costs, 40% of fleet managers say they are unable to estimate the impact on costs to their business when a vehicle is off the road, while 36% are unable to estimate their average spend on maintenance and repairs annually.

Prevention is always preferable to dealing with unforeseen issues in the future or even having to remove a vehicle from the road, says Jeremy Rochfort, UK sales manager at Autoglass. With regular checks – ideally every month – minor issues can be addressed quickly and the cost will be significantly lower than if the issue is overlooked, he added.

Regular maintenance is not only important when trying to reduce the overall costs of running a fleet, but it is also essential for the safety of drivers and other people on the roads, as well as for the professional image of the business. Rochfort commented that it is surprising how having a vehicle off the road for two days can cost much more than the entire maintenance and repair spend for the vehicle per year.

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