This sleek and stylish model made its debut appearance at the Paris motor show, and was the stand out vehicle by a country mile. The RCZ has had a rather fantastic facelift, making it even more appealing, alluring and attractive. With an uprated chassis and a limited slip differential, as well as numerous visual enhancements, you can bet your bottom dollar that when it goes on sale this autumn there will be hordes and hordes of keen automobile enthusiasts clamouring to be first in the queue. Powered by a 260 bhp 1.6 litre turbocharged engine, this nifty little number packs such a powerful punch and can more than hold its own amongst larger, more compact cars and 4x4’s such as the Land Rover, Rav 4 and Nissan Qashqai. The latter has made huge waves in recent times and created a real buzz amongst petrol heads all over the nation, as it possesses all the qualities needed to elevate it above more conventional vehicles. However; the fact that you can modify the tres posh Peugeot RCZ to your exact stipulations is a huge plus point. Fantastic features like new alloy wheels, decal and colour options, as well as fresh headlights, a brand spanking new grille and beautiful hand crafted bumpers are completely unique and wholly original. Just look at the amount of time and effort which has gone into the design of this amazing automobile and you will start to realise that you are in the presence of an absolute masterpiece as far as creation and construction are concerned. Yes; it is a little dearer than the original model, but is well worth the extra cash as it is cosmetically and aesthetically pleasing and incredibly easy to manoeuvre. We are pleased to announce that the Peugeot is also one of our most popular vehicles here at Leasing Options, as the 208 Diesel Hatchback is sitting pretty in second place as far as personal car leasing deals are concerned. The reason why this particular make has moved up the rankings so rapidly is primarily due to the fact that it is speedy, supple and sturdy; and less than £160 a month (excluding VAT). Electric heated and operated door mirrors, one touch electric front windows and intermittent rear wash wipers come completely free of charge with personal contract hire and you can even make some handy little embellishments if you have some spare cash left over. Personal car leasing additions include panoramic sun roofs, cornering front fog lights and metallic paint (if you want to transform your car into something truly spectacular). Personal contract hire arrangements from Leasing Options are dependable and trustworthy as well as affordable, as we always go the extra mile in order to guarantee customer satisfaction every time. Just call us on 0161 826 3874 if you have any questions pertaining to Peugeot personal car leasing and what it exactly entails.