The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV has proven to be one of the success stories in the battery powered car market. With electric cars having fallen short of their sales targets over the last few years, the PHEV shines some light on the electrical car family.

The demand to test drive Mitsubishi’s SUV has been overwhelming and smashes every other battery powered car out of the park! So, what was the verdict?

The SUV has a range of 148mpg purely off the battery. Mix this with the option to utilise hybrid mode and you have yourself a very practical car. No more need for anxiety about whether you will make it home or not!

Practicality is one of the Outlander PHEV’s strongest qualities. There are many cubbyholes in the body of the car and an option to increase the boot size by moving the rear seats forward. Unlike most hybrids, the battery doesn’t eat into the boot capacity so that’s the issue of carting your golf clubs around sorted!

The Outlander PHEV offers endless dials and settings in order to maximise power savings and cater for a more satisfying ride. The SUV has 5 levels of regenerative breaking paddles on the steering wheel to help top up the battery while breaking, which is a step-up from the orthodox hybrid breaking systems.

The car has a ‘save’ button, giving the user the option of running the car purely on petrol, which is handy for faster motorway journeys, and providing a solution to conserve the electrical power for inner city driving.

The only downfall of the SUV is the level of noise drivers experience. The constant beeps and bongs of getting out of the car, opening the boot and driving has proven to be somewhat of an annoyance.

The level of noise is the only fault that has been spotted by anyone who has had the pleasure of driving the Outlander PHEV. If you have experienced this SUV, or have a general interest, let us know your thoughts on this wonder!