With three different prices for the car, there was a lot of confusion flying about when the car was unveiled at The Geneva Motor show earlier this year; the start-up price for this mini-beast is a surprising £58,500 however the big cats at Jaguar have stepped up and told us why... There are 2 different engines the 3.0 V6 costs £58,500, the V6 S £67,500 and the 5.0 V8 £79,950. A spokesperson for Jaguar commented "For the money there is nothing that can do what the F-Type does in terms of performance, design and technology. In fact, if you look at the Boxster S, it's possible to exceed our entry price for the F-Type if you fit a PDK box and add a few extras." It's good to see that one of Britain's most prestigious motor manufactures have so much confidence, but the real test is whether the car steps up to the mark, does it do what it says on the tin? Here's our verdict... As a driver-focused car, the F-type's interior adds extra comfort for the person behind the wheel, with a smart touch-screen system operating majority of the car's functions. The uncluttered and spacious design also combines central air vents maintaining the sharpness and lines. It has the usual 8 gearbox control as per any F-type Jag whilst rocking a fashionable sunroof and cruising the streets! At Leasing Options, have two of the three mentioned engines above, with over 20 years' experience in the motor industry and we specialize in personal car leasing, business car leasing and car finance, with a bespoke plan built around you and the best deals for car leasing around the UK you can be sure to find the greatest value for money! Drive away your dream with Leasing Options!