MOT rules are set to change for old cars. Currently, vehicles registered before 1960 are not required to pass the annual test, but from May 2018 that's all set to change. The law will be amended so that any vehicles aged 40 years or over will not be required to be tested, so for 2018 that's anything older than 1978, from next year 1979.

Great news for classic car owners but a disaster for road safety?

As it stands there are around 197,000 vehicles exempt from the annual MOT test, but this will more than double when the new rules come in to force, with an extra 293,000 untested cars and motorbikes allowed on the road, taking the total figure to nearly half a million vehicles.

The thinking behind the law change is that old vehicles fall in to the category of classic cars, and so tend to be well looked after by their owners and driven infrequently. However, there are concerns that allowing more untested vehicles on to our roads could reduce safety standards and lead to more accidents.

Do you think this a sensible move or should all vehicles on the road be required to pass an annual MOT test? Let us know your thoughts!