Prestige British manufacturer of sports cars and grand tourers ‘Aston Martin’ and has recreated the “Elon Musk” effect amongst motoring consumers, even before the unveiling of their new hypercar.

Earlier in May this year, Elon Musk and his company Tesla took an astonishing £281,656,000 in pre-sale deposits for the new Tesla Model 3 from buyers. And it seems that Aston Martin, one of the long-standing bastions of British luxury motoring, has done the same.


Unlike the Model 3, numbers are initially going to be very limited; with only 100 of the hand-built hypercars to be expected to begin roll off the company production line in 2018. 

However, even with a more distant construction date than the Tesla Model 3, a spokesperson for Aston Martin was proud to say that this hasn’t stopped the company receiving promising, solid interest from over 200 potential would-be owners…great news for a car we’ve yet to see!


How much will this hypercar cost? At £2.5m each, it is sure to be an exciting and interesting machine and with a pre order figure of £250,000, it is a firm bet for one of the worlds most revered luxury vehicle manufacturers.