Back in 2012, Bentley released the first of their concepts taking them into the market with new types of cars. In 2012 the concept was based on the premise of giving an SUV the luxury and quality of a Bentley. Well, in the two years since this, there has been a change of leadership in the design department at Bentley and now the is ready to be unveiled at the end of 2015, but however it no longer resembles the original concept.

The new SUV concept will then be chased by a Bentley sports car as an alternative from their traditional style. The vehicle has been described as 'similar to an Audi R8' under the skin except it will most likely contain a massive W12 engine in place of Audi’s V8 or V10, on the outside however the designers of Bentley will attempt to create a classy look but whilst trying to follow Bentleys direction of “contemporise” its cars.

This leads to the re-release of the Azure convertible and the Brooklands coupe. The company are set to use these new models of classic cars to cut the average CO2 emissions of the entire range to fit under European Union whilst delivering the iconic cars customers expect. These are only a few confirmed concepts in line for production with the Bentley hierarchy hinting that there are various cars in various stages of design in line to become the new flagship of the modern line of cars.