December finally brings in a host of terrific celebrations for us Brits, not simply the last run up to the christmas holidays but so much more! These ‘special days’ grow evermore increasing in numbers as we adopt them from the United States and across Europe.

The time where National Fruit Cake Month and National Egg Nog Month are celebrated in America, there are loads of excuses now to get involved with the festive spirit here, least not when we turn to the amazing chocolatey-ness of the humble brownie.

Loved across the world for their gooey, rich centres and delicious texture, brownies are for many, the epitome of chocolate heaven. We love to indulge in rich foods at Christmas time and there are few better ways than devouring more than your fair share of silky, creamy, immensely more-ish brownies, with a little cream or ice-cream on the side!

The discovery of the brownie can’t be exactly pinpointed to one location but originated in the states. One source says that a chef in Boston Massachusetts accidentally discovered the brownie when he added melted chocolate to a batch of biscuits he had made.

Another source places the invention of the delicious dessert with a Bangor, Maine housewife who made a chocolate cake but forgot to add baking powder, meaning the cake baked but didn't rise. Instead of throwing it away, she served it in flat, square pieces.

Regardless of where or when the brownie became a hit however, one thing is certain, grab yourself some Today the 8th December and celebrate an overdose of choco deliciousness with the team at Leasing Options!