Our glee each time a child gets his or her Lego set out has only gotten greater, so imagine the utter delight that swept across the Leasing Options office when we stumbled upon an infusion of our two greatest loves, Lego cars! And we don’t mean the kind we build as we dream about our dream car during play times, nope we’re talking about full on engine powered legolicious beauts! Feast your eyes on the following… The almighty Life sized Lego Optimus Prime Truck Created by Lego enthusiast Maciej Drwiega from Poland, this beast of a truck is every inch the treat for our eyes. Staying true to the original, Drwiega crafted an exact replica of the original truck right down to the meticulous little details. Lego F1 Ferrari It’s like a dream come true isn’t it? Designed by Dutchman Leon Krijgsman, this beauty comes fully equipped with engine. Making its debut on the streets of Amsterdam in early 2011, the F1 has become the most sought after Lego replica. Mini Lego Car Fashioned in the Philippines, this driveable work of art was crafted by a Lego aficionado who was keen to take his passion for Lego to new heights. Lego Camaro Meanwhile over the pond, a native Floridian designer was in the midst of re-creating the legendary muscle car in Lego form. Okay so none of our cars come layered in Lego (as much as we’d like them to) we can however promise to provide you with the lowest car leasing prices in the UK. Here at Leasing Options have an extensive range of cars that come in an array of models and styles that are sure to compliment your flair however daring or introverted it may be. So whether it is a business contract hire car or a personal car lease you are looking for, give us a call today on 0161 826 3877 or alternatively you can get in touch with us via email at [email protected]