The Once Upon A Smile Grand Ball

Saturday 7th saw the Once Upon A Smile Annual Grand Ball take place at the Manchester Hilton Hotel. Members of the Leasing Options team were lucky to join in the evenings events, rubbing shoulders with celebrities and aspiring individuals who hold the charity close to their hearts.

For those of you who know little about the work of Once Upon A Smile, it’s a charity that works amazingly to support families following the death of a loved one. Founded in 2011 by Danny Miller and Daniel Jilings, both actors and celebrities in their own right, they work tirelessly, aided by a fabulous team to help emotionally and financially, during the hardest part of grieving.

The Grand Ball was a chance for a group of our finest ambassadors to be a part of something special, to listen to some of the stories of how Once Upon A Smile brought comfort and support to suffering families and to experience the genuine generosity of such an amazing, kind and charitable organisation.

Through mediums such as social events and their hugely popular ‘charity football matches’, Once Upon A Smile continue to raise funds and support to provide the long term assistance for families when they need it the most. For us it was a memorable and very humbling experience that we are glad to be a part of…

Discover more about Once Upon A Smile via their website today.