British drivers voted the journey home as their most enjoyable drive, preferring to see their family and experience the allure of home comforts over a picturesque drive anywhere else, the survey concludes as cited by Fleet News.

Over two thirds of drivers say that they find parking in front of their home the most appreciated moment at the end of the working day, rather than any amount of time spent on typically beautiful routes in the Scottish Highlands, English countryside or even California's Pacific Coast Highway.

When drivers were asked to highlight the main features that make for a memorable drive, 42% said that the good car is very important, 41% cited a lack of repair works on roads or the absence of traffic jams, 38% mentioned well behaved child passengers, 31% cited clear directions, 28% said good weather, 17% said that well-behaved road users are important and 9% said green traffic lights were one of the requirements for a good trip.

Everyone has a memory of their favourite drive or a drive of their dreams that they want to make one day, says Louise Robinson, car maintenance category manager at Halfords. Among the top international drives voted for in the survey were the Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia and Highway 1, Big Sur, California.

The top five most enjoyable drives in the UK as cited by drivers were the A38 Exeter to Plymouth, A686 Penrith to Haydon Bridge, A82 Glasgow to Fort William, A44 between Llangurig and Aberystwyth and the A543 and A5 triangle in North Wales.

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