Earlier this week we saw the International Mini Meeting 2013 take place in Mugello- Italy, over 1000 cars made by Britain’s most iconic brand took part. With drivers from the world over gathering, it was a chance to see the weirdest, wackiest, coolest, oldest and newest and even rustiest MINI’s! Starting with a 15 mile convoy of classic and new MINI’s racing through the roads to get to the overnight base in Tuscany’ the residents of Florence watched on with delight as cars made their “Italian Job” style journey to the Mugello Circuit, which is famously owned by Ferrari and is used for F1 training. With spells of sunshine throughout the day, soft top MINI owners were very happy as they cruised around the tracks and in true festival style, there were memorabilia, parts and replica stalls dotted around. Mr Bean’s car and teddy mad eit but he wasn’t to be seen, but there were a few famous faces, Paddy Hopkirk winner of the 1964 Monte Carlo rally seemed in good spirits as he interacted with MINI enthusiasts and gave out autographs. All in all it was good day and a memorable experience nonetheless, next year the IMM will be held here on home turf in Kent, so if you’re a MINI enthusiast then watch out for this event. Alternatively if you’d like to attend the event but haven’t got a MINI then come to Leasing Options, we have competitively priced deals for MINI car leasing!