No longer the quiet, musty spaces dreaded on the annual school trip, many museums now highlight the innovation and genius of forefathers to all industries, from science and spaceflight to natural history.

Museums are necessary to preserve history and heritage, giving us an ability to collect and store items that tell a story of our past. Using today’s technology, museums now encourage interaction and promote innovative thinking amongst visitors! Fun places to learn and play!

How things have changed over the last few decades..

The automotive industry is one sees perpetually quickening level of advancement, only 30 - 60 years ago or so, we were still using steam powered trains, especially within industry uses.

Today diesel, petrol, LPG, electricity and even hydrogen are all fuels that we use to power vehicles!

Because we see so many advancements, we often forget the workmanship, the brilliant knowledge and skill that went into creating the motoring keystones that have helped get us to where we are now…preparing the ground for where we are going!

It’s important not to forget where it started and who the industries roots began with, the pioneers of motoring.

Leasing Options has searched out the top 5 car museums that you can visit in the UK!

In no particular order: 

1. Haynes International Motor Museum

A fabulous day out for all the family and car enthusiasts, the Haynes Motor museum tells the story of motoring from the 20th Century through to modern day.

2. Beaulieu – National Motor Museum

Activity packed day out for all the family, a great range of beautiful cars to see and regular exhibit changes to maintain the museum provides a unique experience each time you visit. Oh, and you can travel on the monorail too!

3. Heritage Motor Centre

An educational and entertaining experience, the Heritage Motor Centre houses the LARGEST collection of motor cars in Britain. Well worth a visit!

4. Coventry Transport Museum

The birthplace of the British motor and cycle industry, Coventry holds an important place in automotive history. Displays at the Coventry Transport museum depict 150 years of the UK’s car industry and is acknowledged as one of the world’s finest. There’s lots to do for adults and kids too.

5. London Motor Museum

An eclectic collection of cars to see, the London Motor museum specialises in custom cars and is the only one to do so in all of Europe. Also American and European vintage cars and auto memorabilia through to modern day classics await for you.