The Freight Transport Association (FTA) will be backing the national Climate Week campaign, which is aiming to promote the actions of communities and companies looking to reduce the impact of climate change, the association wrote on its website.

The campaign will run until Friday, 7 March, and will focus on the steps that have been made to reduce carbon emissions. The FTA will also promote the Logistics Carbon Reduction Scheme (LCRS) during the campaign.

The LCRS – a project managed by the association – is a voluntary campaign that records, reports and reduces carbon emissions from the freight and logistics sector. The project is an easy way for logistics operators that want to contribute to national targets for the reduction of carbon emissions, and limit the impact of climate change, to get involved.

Almost 100 freight operators from logistics and retail sectors, to waste firms and local authorities, have joined the initiative, which involves more than 66,000 commercial vehicles.

The project highlights measures that help with de-carbonisation, including driver training, the use of aerodynamics, improved scheduling and routing and the use of alternative fuels and low carbon technologies.

FTA has been supporting Climate Week for many years now, as the association believes that the campaign is a great way to raise awareness about reducing carbon emissions across Britain, says Rachael Dillon, Climate Change policy manager. The campaign also shows the public that the logistics sector is taking part in challenging climate change, she said.

The association encourages operators of any size to participate in the project and contribute to reducing carbon emissions in the sector.

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