Even fictional characters need a way to get around: James Bond has his gadget-powered cars, the Turtles had the Party Wagon and the Ghostbusters had ECTO-1.

But what about characters who never had a signature set of wheels? Never fear – we've dreamed up some sweet rides for eight characters drawn from cartoons, comics and the movies below. Buckle up and enjoy!

The smaller the man, the smaller the wheels – and this car gets mightier the more it shrinks. You probably wouldn't want to invite him to a picnic, but if you find yourself in a tight spot, he might be able to offer a little help.

This car's owners often find themselves torn in two different directions, whether it's chasing a garbage truck or frying up a delicious fish. Although they never get much time to themselves, they're always having adventures that give them paws for thought.

He might not have the power, but this power-hungry warlord's always got a bone to pick with the fools surrounding him. This armoured battle car's got enough weaponry to storm a castle, but those snivelling dimwits will probably just find a way to mess things up.

This salty character loves the green stuff in more ways than one – his car's made from 100% recycled materials, and it runs on the same biofuel that he does! It's strong to the finish, though he won't be taking to the sea in it any time soon.

This lovable loser doesn't want anything fancy: a good ol' boxcar is all he needs to ponder life's great questions. This low-tech conveyance even has a passenger seat for his canine companion.

This jeep might have seen better days, but as they say, it's not the years, it's the mileage. Ideal for racing through jungles and fleeing from deadly boulders, it suits its owner just fine – and it's a lot more manoeuvrable than a mine cart.

While this ace pilot's more at home in the air than behind the wheel, we've made sure this car's got all the force he needs. With his loyal gyrating buddy in tow, he's sure to stay on target no matter the odds.

The fun never stops for this car's driver, and she's madly in love with her wheels – and her puddin', of course. She's got all kinds of batty practical jokes ready for anyone who would stand between her and her true love.