Yes, that’s correct. The headrests in a car or van are designed to be removed. But why?

Well, in the event you’ve had an accident and need to escape from the wreck of a sinking car for example, or one that has been involved in a crash where the doors wont open, the headrest can be easy removed and used to break the side windows and allow you to climb free.

So, how does a headrest help save you? The next time you’re in your car, remove a headrest and take a look at the steel attaching rods that fix it to your seat. You’ll notice that they’re positioned to allow you to slide one rod down between the glass and the inside of the door.

By hitting the top of the headrest, it will slide down into the door frame. The headrest can then be used as leverage to shatter the window as you pull the headrest towards you.

The pressure you need isn’t much and can be achieved by most passengers and drivers. The shattered glass will simply push away allowing you to safely exit the vehicle.

This valuable and little known safety tip could mean the difference between life and death. The more we can all spread awareness, the better and more lives could be saved on roads worldwide.

Educating others is the least that Leasing Options can do and we hope our efforts can help save a life.