Just think of the endless, romantic things that you could do together…drive to an open cinema to watch a romantic film under the glistening stars together (but we wouldn’t recommend that you follow in the footsteps of Danny Zuko from Grease), go on a romantic weekend away, and drive to a peaceful location for a picnic. Ah, Valentine’s Day…! You could get your other-half a flash, stylish, brand new car on personal lease that will be well…personal and extremely thoughtful! Here at Leasing Options, we have a wide selection of cars for you choose from, in all makes and models. You can even select what colour you would like your car to be in, but please carefully choose the right colour for that special someone! We do not want to be held responsible if they don’t like it, but don’t worry, we have an excellent team of professionals who will ensure that the car you chose will be perfect. Leasing Options has been eagerly waiting for the arrival of the postman and delivery man to arrive at our offices. We’ve heard that there has been some delay in the post today. It must be all of our cards that the postman has been trying to deliver. We get it every year! We have some great special offers on a range of personal lease cars and you’ll be pleasantly surprised that you won’t be paying high prices. Get in touch with Leasing Options today on 0161 826 3790 and a member of our team will be more than happy to discuss our latest personal car leasing deals. Happy Valentine’s Day!