The 1st of October 2014 saw the demise of the paper tax disc. Displaying the disc has been a legal motoring requirement for over 93 years. Don’t be fooled, you still need to pay for your Road Fund Licence (RFL / Road Tax) however you do not get the paper disc proof to display in your windscreen; evidence that you have handed over your hard earned Great British pound notes.

What does it mean for you and me?

*You can remove the disc from your windscreen, never to be seen again.

*Payment of RFL is now made online and from 1st November it can even be spread over 12 months by Direct Debit for a small fee.

*Any unexpired RFL will cease immediately upon the sale or transfer of the vehicle – preventing a vehicle being sold with 6 months remaining tax as a selling point.

*Drivers of lease vehicles will now no longer receive a disc in the post; your Lease Company will renew the tax online automatically.

Authorities will check electronic DVLA databases via number plate recognition systems to ensure vehicles remain ‘taxed’. The status of a vehicle can be checked online here :

Have you removed your disc yet – or are you sentimental to that awkward perforated disc and feel your screen looks a little too empty without it?