There’s little more satisfying than seeing a gleaming vehicle parked on your driveway, free from dirt, mud, leaves and anything else your car may be subject to. Yes, we have to admit that more motorists are taking pride in maintaining the outside appearance of their cars than ever before…but what about the inside?


Whether grabbing the bucket and sponge or driving through your local carwash, followed by good old waxing, it seems motorists love a gleaming car but new research from ‘RAC Cars’ suggests that when faced with cleaning a messy interior, drivers are just not keen…


It seems that drivers simply don't wish to be seen driving a dirty car however, what can’t be so easily seen is less of a concern. It seems that unless providing lifts for colleagues or friends, then many drivers feel they can get away with not keeping up with cleaning their cars interiors. 


A staggering percentage, almost 50% of drivers admitted they like washing their cars themselves but when asked about cleaning the interior of their vehicles, many choose to pay this less attention, with 9% leaving it for up to 6 months before reaching for the vacuum! 2% in fact have never cleaned the inside of their cars!