Leasing Options have crowned the Mercedes-Benz C-Class their Car of the Year 2017. First released in 1993 and now its fourth generation, the C-Class has always epitomised the luxury and integrity of the Mercedes-Benz brand, whilst consistently topping their sales charts too. We think the latest model is their best yet, and well worthy of winning our inaugural Car of the Year trophy, so we took this beautiful vehicle to a stunning Lake District location to celebrate.



There are so many reasons to love the C-Class, we think it combines all the ingredients required to make it the perfect lease vehicle for 2017:


Nimble Ride

A newly desinged chassis, incorporating five times more aluminium, has delivered a weight reduction of 100kgs from previous generations, making the vehicle much nimbler to drive. Ultimately this means greater manoeuvrability, more fun and less fuel.



Safety and Technology

The latest autonomous features like Active Lane Keeping Assist and Distronic Plus (radar assisted cruise control) improve safety and reduce the strain of a long journey. Drivers also get the benefits of reversing camera and Sat-Nav as standard on all vehicles.



Agile Performance

Just a flick of a switch is all you need to adapt your ride to suit the driving conditions. Agility Select let's you choose between comfort, efficiency or  sporty presets to control the engine, transmission, suspension and steering of the C-Class.



Class Cabin

The interior is arguably where the Mercedes C-Class really shines. Offering a truly premium feel and level of luxury that exceeds the likes of the Audi A4 and BMW 3 Series, the driving seat of this car is undeniably a very nice place to be.



Extra Efficiency

Another benefit that the lighter frame of the C-Class brings is of course better fuel economy. These efficiency improvements translate to savings at the pump and on road tax, with best in class ratings for CO2 emissions.



Affordable Luxury

It all adds up to a pretty compelling case to make the C-Class your next lease vehicle, and as always you'll find the best deals here at Leasing Options.

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