Road Safety Week, which will be held from 17th to 23rd November this year.

The campaign, which will run under the slogan "Look out for each other," aims to make people aware of the ways they can help protect others on the road, particularly the most vulnerable. The charity organisation will urge drivers to slow down to 20 mph in communities and residential areas to ensure the safety of bike riders and people on foot, and to be extremely vigilant near junctions or bends.

Fleet operators are encouraged to spread the word about the campaign among their employees and motorists and to consider how they can deal with other safety problems on the road.

Employers wishing to contribute to the initiative can make use of online guidance, downloadable posters and other free resources available to help them engage with the campaign. The charity also calls on organisations with employees who drive for a living to visit Brake's Fleet Safety Forum and become familiar with its low-cost guidance to developing fleet safety practices. Fleets that take part will be granted discounts on best practice events and will be provided access to regular news, briefings and other resources.

Employers can play a key role in boosting the safety of our roads, says Julie Townsend, deputy chief executive of Brake. They can promote safe driving practices among their workers and customers. This campaign is a good opportunity for fleets to make road safety a key priority and to speak out about the difference all of us can make in an effort to curtail road accidents, she said.