Embedded with precision and panache, this week at Leasing Options we’re offering you the PORSCHE BOXSTER ROADSTER 2.7 2dr for a fantastic £429.99 per month! How’s that to get all the heads turning as your drive into the office car park hey? As always our cars can be made bespoke to your desires, choose from 16 eye-catching colours a range of entertainment, navigation devices, interior features, lighting and exterior body features plus so much more. Occupying two adults, this petrol run motor travels from 0-60mph in just 5.8 speedy seconds! Emitting 192g/km of CO2 you’ll get on average 34.4 mpg, although it’s the most efficient car on the market it is one the more attractive cars! With over 20 years in the motor industry Leasing Options have an expert approach when it comes to cars, not only do the specialise in personal and business car leasing they also offer car finance and have fairly straight forward online application process too. If you’re looking for a new car why try our business car leasing service, our friendly and helpful team can help you choose the perfect car or why not scroll through the Porsche car leasing page to see our full range of show stopping cars!