The great British summer is finally here and whilst these isles aren't famed for great weather, us Brits love convertibles anyway - in fact only Germany buys more anywhere in Europe - so this month we'll be celebrating taking the top down with all things convertible. To kick things off these are the best convertibles for 2017, our favourite lease vehicles to enjoy the perfect summer drive.



MINI Convertible

It goes without saying the MINI is British icon, a car synonymous with the swinging sixties that's still just as much fun to drive now, especially this convertible. These days it's not so mini either, and in fact this model is more spacious than previous generations, although the back seats are still a bit of a squeeze. There's also a great choice of engines, including a super efficient diesel capable of 74 mpg or the seriously quick John Cooper Works version that's enough to make anyone fall in love with driving all over again.

Basically this car is cool inside and out, from the premium feel of the retro styled interior, with plenty of options for personalisation, to the sporty body and grille evocative of the much loved original.


BMW 2 Series Convertible

With a BMW you can rest assured you'll be getting premium quality throughout, and the 2 Series Convertible is no different, this is a seriously desirable car. Not only is this rag top fantastic looking, it drives brilliantly too with arguably the best handling in its class. There's a choice of four engines as well providing efficient diesel options and a turbocharged 3.0-litre petrol that'll get from 0 to 62mph in 5 seconds flat.

Like most convertibles the Beemer suffers from a lack of space in the back and there are only two seats, but there's plenty of room up front and the interior has all the hallmarks of style you expect with a BMW, after all this is a car for the drivers out there.


Mazda MX-5

People the world over love the MX-5 and it's not hard to see why. Combine a great drive with sharp looks and competitive pricing and you've got the recipe for what has gone on to become the best selling two seater sports car ever produced. The newest model doesn't deviate too far from those traditions either, but there are upgrades. The body shape has been given a more aggressive feel and the driving position has been lowered. Improvements to the interior include the option of an intuitive infotainment system with a seven inch screen that can be controlled using voice recognition. Did the world's favourite two seat sports car just get a little bit better?


Audi TT Roadster

This a car that tries to tick all the boxes and gets pretty close too. If you're looking for a convertible you'll probably want something that looks fantastic on the road, is fun to drive but won't cost the earth to run. The Audi TT offers all that and plenty more besides. You'll also get pin sharp interior design that's the envy of all its competitors, including the option of a 12.3 inch screen that Audi call their virtual cockpit, its placing behind the steering wheel cleverly frees up space on the dash. When it comes to practicality a lack of back seats isn't for everybody but then you do get a pretty respectable 280 litre boot.


Mercedes-Benz C-Class Cabriolet

We're big fans of the C-Class, we named it our Leasing Options Car of the Year, so when news of the new cabriolet body landed last summer we couldn't wait to get behind the wheel of one. If you crave the luxury that the three pointed star exudes then this is the car for you, it could well be the most refined vehicle on this list. Whilst there is slight weight increase of around 120kg compared to the coupe, it doesn't dampen the driving experience much at all- this machine still feels great on the road. Comfort is paramount in this convertible, and with the cunning Mercedes Airscarf system, which blows warm air on to your neck, you can keep the top down all year round.


Porsche 718 Boxster Roadster

If the ride is all that matters to you, we've definitely saved the best until last. The car that saved the Porsche brand back in the mid 90s is still the star of the show when it comes to delivering performance and pure driving pleasure. This mid-engined sports car revolutionised the market for more affordable thrills on the tarmac, providing more grip and the best handling ever seen on a car anywhere near this price point. True this a bit of a gas guzzler, from a choice of four petrol engines you won't see anything over a claimed 41mpg, but when it's this much fun to drive who cares?