18 October 2023

Are Charging Facilities Really the Issue with Electric Cars in the UK?

The transition to electric vehicles (EVs) is gaining momentum in the UK but probably not at the pace the Government nor manufacturers were expecting.

One of the most common reported ‘issues’ which seems to be stalling the switch to all electric, is the perceived lack of charging facilities available.

So here at Leasing Options, we wanted to share a little extra insight to help address the concern.

The UK has seen a significant increase in the number of EV charging stations in recent years. Both the government and private companies have invested heavily in expanding the charging infrastructure to make it more accessible and recent reports suggest that there are currently over 50,000 public charge points now available across the UK.

It’s important to remember that there are various types of EV charging, including home charging, workplace charging, and public charging.

The majority of EV owners predominantly charge their vehicles at home, using domestic wall boxes. Once installed, home charging is as simple as plugging in your vehicle in the evening and waking up to a fully charged battery in the morning.

Workplace charging is also on the rise, with many companies providing EV charging options for employees and visitors.

The rollout of fast-charging public-access networks is progressing well, with high-speed chargers increasingly available across the UK motorway service station network, meaning EV drivers can quickly top up their batteries during long trips.

The charging infrastructure in the UK is continually expanding and evolving. The government has ambitious plans to ensure that charging facilities are readily available so as we continue to see investment in expanding these networks, the EV transition becomes more accessible and practical.

So if you are interested in making the switch over and have any questions you want help with, please contact our electric experts and they will be happy to help.

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