But your first car has to be a bit more modest as you do not want to be driving a vehicle, which is difficult to manoeuvre as you do not have the expertise or skill to tackle tricky roundabouts or navigate between lanes confidently just yet. You will see a lot of Fiestas on the road as they are universally regarded as dependable and nippy and therefore are the perfect choice for relatively new motorists. Passing your theory and practical tests is an achievement in itself, so you do not want to run the risk of having points added to your license if you make silly mistakes like accidentally driving down a route reserved for buses and taxis only, or passing through a red light without thinking ahead. People do not have their wits about them if they are preoccupied with other important matters and this can be their downfall, as they have to be aware of other automobiles and give way to traffic if there are signs indicating that you have to wait. Personal car leasing from Leasing Options is one of the most sure-fire ways in which to secure a great deal without actually having to buy a vehicle outright or pay off huge monthly instalments. Imagine if you had purchased a brand new Ford Fiesta, only to then discover that your neighbour’s cumbersome Vauxhall Vivaro has smashed the wing mirror into smithereens, as they did not look where they were going when they reversed out of the street. You are the one who has to stump up as they absolutely refuse to pay for the damage and you have not managed to sort the insurance out yet; being unaccustomed to all the ins and outs of owning a car. Personal car leasing means that we are the ones held responsible for any dents, scratches and bumps which happen to your automobile and it is us who has to fork out if your vehicle becomes spoiled due to the carelessness of other individuals. With day running lights, pollen filters and cloth upholstery; it is no wonder that the Fiesta reigns supreme when it comes to personal contract hire as it looks absolutely fantastic and drives like a dream. Personal contract hire can be obtained for up to four years if you are in it for the long haul, but you can also lease a car out for a minimum of two years if you prefer to pick and choose at your leisure and fancy an upgrade when you re-locate. Ford personal car leasing packages from Leasing Options come with the guarantee of quality and excellence and can be obtained for as little as £159.93 per month (not forgetting VAT, of course). All you have to do is call us up on 0161 820 6590 and we will be on hand to assist at any time. It’s a done deal!